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Not only did Amy do an exceptional job at creating a piece for me, she came up with two totally different designs that were both amazing. Fast service, fast shipping, awesome product.


I get so much complicates 🙏🏻

The Agni manitite and herkimer diamond is clarifying to me and what I am suppose to do. It was so blessed by the creator and I’ve felt the love and the protection. I get so much compliments and how cute and different it looks so 🙏🏻. I will be back ordering more so 🙏🏻


Great service!

Amazing quality earrings, pendants and mugs! Shipping was fast. I highly recommend this seller!


Excellent Service and Quality

I was impressed, not only on the speed of delivery, but the care and detail in the packaging



it’s so beautiful! and it was shipped very fast. i love it!!


New Fave Earrings

Super cute pair, love showing them off!! So glad with this purchase <3